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EuGene V Byrd III

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Underground Atlanta
50 Upper Alabama St SW #78
Atlanta, GA 30303

Gallery Hours: Tu-Th 2PM - 6PM, Fri-Sat 4PM - 8PM
For appointments please send DM to @futuredeadartists on Instagram

Future Dead Artists

Our aim is to develop a thriving arts ecology that offers everybody the chance to enjoy, participate and create. We believe that great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us.

Off the wall.

Support Living Artists

EuGene V Byrd III founded FUTURE GALLERY founded to mount meaningful exhibitions by Contemporary Visual Artists. The Atlanta gallery’s program focuses on concepts such as representation, authorship, identity, and expression across a wide-range of media. FDA’s unique relationship with artists allows it to present museum-quality exhibitions both on the primary and secondary markets, creating a dialogue between the generations. Every purchase from this site, no matter how small, enables us to continue our mission.