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This past Tuesday, April 24th, Darlene "Lena" Deloris held her second Creative's Panel for a few art students she mentors from Tri-City High School. The panel included several artists and entrepreneurs such as Lord Yatta of Tri-Cities Tattoos; EuGene Byrd of ByrdEyeView; Dan Flores of Art is King; Redd of Redds Buttons; and Jo of Melrose and McQueen Salon; and somehow me, Shon Pittman of SoulfulVoyage.

I literally was only there for support and to get some knowledge myself but I greatly appreciated being asked if I would like to be a part of the panel as well. I felt special :)

Lena states that the reason why she decided to hold these Creative's Panel was to merge the gap between teen and adult creatives and to give them the support that they may be lacking. 

Lena: "The adults can give the students a visual on what it is to be a successful working artist."

The panel was held at Kupcakerie in East Point, GA and let me tell you about those cupcakes! They were absolutely BOMB!  If you haven't been there before, go now and get the Red Velvet because those thangs were mmm mmm good.

Other than the delicious cupcakes and hot coffee provided, the panel also gave the students some very sound advice. 

One of the students, Alex, asked "When did you start?"

*Alex is 17 years old and she aspires to become a visual artist that specializes in cartoon and maybe photography.* 

Byrd: "Everyone draws immediately. It's more so about when you start saying "I am an artist".

Another student Ralph, who goes by Popsy asked "How did you start? Was it always a struggle or did it just happen."

*Popsy is a graduating senior interested in going to art school for gaming and animation*

Lena: "The struggle never stops. There are just different levels of struggle." 

The questions eventually stopped flowing but the advice kept on coming. Here are a few excerpts that stood out to me the most. 

Dan: "You always have to keep moving up; whether you're struggling with funds or ideas. Education can also help further that reach."

Redd: "Your network is your net worth. If you plant it and water it, it will grow. The main thing is to get yourself out there. Your charisma and character can help sale your work."

Yatta: " Use everything that you have to get where you want to go."

Shon: "You guys have youth on your side and the power of social media is real. Use it to your advantage. I did."


Jo: "Some people say don't do things for free but I disagree. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with trading services."

Byrd: "There's nothing wrong if you are still paying dues. But know when to cut it off or you're doing yourself a disservice."

Lena: "When it come to pricing your work research the area or genre that you plan on going into. You don't want to overprice or underprice your worth."

Redd: "There are 3 things that can make a successful person. Structure, priority, and consistency. Put them together the right way and it will lead to success."

Byrd: "If someone tells you no just take it as a not right now."

All right that all for now and a big thank you goes out to Lena!

And don't forget if you have't been to Kupcakerie go NOW and get the Red Velvet. Tell them Shon sent you ;)

Shon P OUT!!! *chucks up the deuces* :P



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