Remembering the PAST

To be or not to be that is NOT the question! The real question is where were YOU on Friday, March 10th? If you weren't at PAST PRESENT FUTURE, Future Dead Artists' first group exhibit, then you truly missed out.

"We are now open for business!"


FDA presented our first group art exhibit at Paper Plane Gallery in College Park and I must say it was definitely a successful night. 

The night was filled with thought-provoking conversations...

"Maybe...what do you think Byrd?..."

...admiration of art...

"Hmmm...interesting...but I can't read the words."

"Ahhh...I like it."

...and endless smiles, laughter, and all around good vibes.

"Hahaha you're so funny Omega!"

"Giggle giggle."

The mission support living artists was definitely in full effect that night. The room was filled with art patrons, admirers, and artists supporting other artists. 

"Oooo red dots...pretty..."


"Hey that's me!"

It truly was a night to remember and I can't wait to see the bigger and better things to come with working and being around such an amazing group of talented artists that I now call family. Friday was too dope and THANK YOU to everyone that came out to the show and to everyone that couldn't make it but still sent well wishes and love :) 

And since you're presently reading this blog about the remembrance of the past make sure in the near future *you see what I did there ;)* next Saturday, March 18th you come out and attend FDA's closing reception and artist talk at Paper Plane Gallery. 

Oh and by the way the show was so nice that we had to show it not ONCE but TWICE!!! The exhibit will be moving to Arches Brewery in Hapeville on March 21st and will be up on display for an ENTIRE MONTH *gasps*. See you there!

Shon P OUT!!! *chucks up the deuces* :P

Two Sags and an Aquarius (me) 

Video recap 


 Photography and video courtesy of Eye Focus

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