EuGene V Byrd III

EuGene ByrdI am a Realist artist that draws inspiration from my childhood, growing up in the 80’s, to historical and current events. I like to play with perspective, influenced by the mannerism art movement. I combine strong colors and patterns using printmaking, graphite, paint, collage, among other mediums. My current work breaks out of the typical 2-dimensional form, bringing art off the walls into a freestanding functional structure for in and outdoors. I'm an artist that enjoys exploring and pushing the boundaries to maintain a fluidity within my style.

The use of printmaking has furthered my mission to provide original affordable art to first time art collectors. I always aim to create something new, yet familiar, that generates curiosity for viewers of all demographics.

-Artist, Designer, Master Printmaker, Branding Expect
-Future Dead Artists founder
-Business partner of Local Brands Only
-Owner of Byrd Eye View