Artist, Designer, Curator

EuGene V Byrd III

I’m an artist that draws inspiration from life experiences and people around me. Influenced by the mannerism art movement, combined with bold colors, patterns, typography, printmaking, graphite, paint, collage, among other mediums. I enjoy exploring and pushing the boundaries to maintain fluidity within my style. I aim to create something new, yet familiar, that generates curiosity for viewers of all demographics. .

A few years ago, I stepped back and really looked at my body of work and I realized that I wasn’t telling my own story. I was addressing civil rights issue and things that were very important to me, but it wasn’t MY story. I realized that I was being guarded within my art. I wasn’t letting anyone in. For the last couple of years my work has organically become more personal. Some paintings are like dairy entries, while others I’m directly speaking to someone or the viewer.

I want my art to provoke emotion. I want the viewer to sit within my art; I want it to stick with you. I want you to walk away changed somehow. Art has power.

EuGene V Byrd III