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Keef Cross

When I make art, it's truly an escape. An escape from stereotypes and  expectations put on "black art" and it's creators. My work is primitive and futuristic, showing where I want Black people's imaginations to go, but never forgetting where they've been.

Being influenced by Ralph Bakshi, Vaugn Bode', Wendy Pini, and Robert Crumb have really shaped my visual aesthetic, and tone of my work. Taking on the style of cross-hatching and being inspired by the sexual raunchiness and social commentary in underground comics of the 70s, I created my comic book, "DayBlack".

Day Black is a series that centers on vampire, Merce, a tattoo artist who became a vampire after being bitten by one while working in the cotton fields (a slave during the US slavery era).  

I'm all about pushing progressive images and ideas about Black people to the forefront whenever I get the chance. With the help of other like-minded artists, who aren't afraid to challenge the notions of what black art is and can be, we can help change the way the world sees us; and the way we see ourselves.

-Artist, Writer, Tattoo Artist
-Creator, Artist or DayBlack

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