About FDA


Future Dead Artists is an Atlanta-based arts organization that works to educate the community on the importance and value of investing in original local art.


Future Dead Artists (FDA) emerged from the fundamental need to connect young entrepreneurial artists with art patrons. FDA focuses on expanding people’s cultural repertoire by creating a platform that highlights local living artists.


Future Dead Artists prides itself on supporting living artists and that includes but is not limited to monetary support; this also includes social, spiritual and mental support. We believe that we must support each other the same way that we expect our admirers and art patrons to support us. Art can be an isolating thing but FDA is that support system of artists that can be depended and leaned upon. We build on the following to create a blueprint for the younger generation:

  • Recognition – We build on bringing forth attention and support to artists by exposing ourselves to a vast range of local organizations, people, and institutions.
  • Support – We are a network of serious artists that work collaboratively to pull resources together to benefit the collective. We motivate each other by creating friendly competition. We create a comradery.
  • Education – We believe in the importance of purchasing original art and the benefit it will have in the artist and art collectors life. We want to attract art patrons and educate potential collectors on the value of art and investing in living artists, especially locally.


EuGene V Byrd III

Omega Ruth Jr