Abstract Mindstate



FUTURE DEAD ARTISTS (FDA) is having an open call for emerging, mid-career, and established visual artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and videographers in the Atlanta area to participate in their group exhibition,  ABSTRACT MINDSTATE


It's time to go abstract. I would like to feature full time abstract artist and I'm interested to see artists that traditional paint with a narratives approach to abstract work. Now, I actually love abstract art, I love to view it and produce it, but I'm that interested in an artist that doesn't take abstract art serious. I would like to see the artists push themselves. Produce something beautiful, something clever, something...strange.

Sometimes I think we're playing it a little safe. It's time to get weird.

Looking for painters, abstract photography, sculptor and video. Looking for only 9-12 artists.

Sounds like a dope show you'd like to be a part of? Then please submit your work by September 15, 2018, to be considered. Read below for more information on how you can apply. 

ENTRY DEADLINE: SaturdaySeptember 15, 2018, by 11:59 pm

NOTIFICATIONS SENT: Wednesday, September 20, 2018

ARTWORK DROPOFF: October 10-17, 2018 from 3-8 pm

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 7-11pm

CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 7-11pm

ARTWORK BREAKDOWN: November 6-10, 2018 from 3-8pm

1690 Thorne Ave SW, Atlanta

All works will be selected by FDA founder EuGene V Byrd III


  • All works must be original and created by the artist within the last year
  • Artists/Photographers may submit up to 5 images that reflect a cohesive style
  • Artists/Photographers must be at least 18 years of age.  
  • All works must be for sale
  • If not a traditional abstract artists, please describe the piece you plan to produce for the show. 


  • All submissions must be made online to futuregalleryfda@gmail.com 
  • Include "ABSTRACT MINDSTATE Submission" in the Subject Box
  • Attach up to 5 images directly to the email
  • Include name and contact information
  • Include artist bio/statement
  • Include social media and/or website information


  • Acceptance emails will be sent out Saturday, September 15th
    • All work must arrive professionally framed, WIRED, and ready to hang.
    • Artists are responsible for delivery, and breakdown of artwork.
    • Artists will keep 50% of sales.
    • All accepted artists are required to pay a $20 hang donation. (Sorry hate to do this, but it takes money to throw shows) Every artist will receive a Limited Edition ABSTRACT MINDSTATE tee shirt for donation.

    Direct all questions and concerns to futuregalleryfda@gmail.com

    We look forward to seeing your submission to ABSTRACT MINDSTATE!